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Dear Writers! Are you interested in writing for us?

First of all, we thank you for deciding on contributing to our blog.

We are a website that gets thousands of page views a day, and we welcome new writers for our growing community to give us more fresh content to make our readers happy. See below guidelines:

Guidelines for our new writers

  • We warmly welcome great articles, limiting to a word count of 1000. Anyway, 600 words also will be sufficient, if your post is a top-class one.
  • Make the title of your post, the name of it when submitting, not “submission.docx”.
  • Every post should have 3 headings.
  • We accept only doc, .docs, and .pdf files types.
  • Only PNG and JPG images to use.
  • Your post should be original with zero plagiarism. We appreciate your “unique writings,” not copy/paste content from somewhere. If we detect any plagiarism; you will not hear from us ever again!
  • Our blog is open to all age groups, hence we don’t post content of adult-nature and obscene that can hurt our beloved readers.
  • We may change the wordings and re-edit your article to meet our standards.
  • ONE Outbound Link is the maximum you can include in your post with sufficient referencing. Anyway, a fully relevant second link might get a second chance.
  • We value our beloved readers and always focus on their feelings. So, don’t send spammy or robotic posts that will disappoint our audience. We reject such posts, simply.

Becoming one of our guest posters

  • E-mail us today with your topics and synopsis, also; with an author bio.
  • We will inform you to write the articles (once we are happy about your topics.) You should send the articles as attachments.
  • If our editorial team isn’t satisfied by your first draft; they will ask you to make the necessary changes.
  • Our editorial team will review your article many times, asking you to make the necessary changes until it fits for our blog.
  • After all, once your article is live on our blog; you will receive an acknowledgment E-mail about it.
  • Is one of the most popular guest postings, approval guest blogging, and free blog posting platform. Our refreshed web blogs acknowledge guest posts. Technology enthusiasts and professional guest bloggers are warmly welcome. So, enroll with us today!

In a world where everything changes fast, our blog is the best place for sharing your experiences, ideas, and views. We welcome a variety of topics and sub-topics including business, finance, photography, technology, politics, education, digital marketing, web design, and many more.

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