Choosing a Video Camera for Wedding Videography


Choosing a Video Camera for Wedding Videography


Every wedding videographer knows the importance of buying the right video camera for quality Wedding Videography. Couples spend money and hire you to get a quality product. Well, if not; they will get one of the friends to do it, right? You may be a very talented videographer. But can you videotape a wedding with a mobile camera? Yes, you can; but the poor quality is the downside. Wedding Videography is no ordinary videography. So, as a wedding videographer; you must buy the ideal camera depending on your budget. Anyway, if your budget is $200; then you can’t buy a good camera for wedding videos. In other words, if you want to produce quality wedding videos; you would have to spend some money for it.

* Your budget and features: Are you doing it as a professional in Wedding Videography, or for fun? I mean, you must set the budget depending on your future dreams. If you are planning to make Wedding Videography your permanent job, invest more money in a good camera. Well, you don’t have to buy an Arri Alexa. Good video cameras are there within the $1000-$2000 price range (I am talking about quality cameras, but cheaper ones are there in the market today.) Anyway, don’t buy a too complex camera as it will be similar to you are solving a puzzle when setting it up. Trust me, as a videographer; you don’t have hours for getting ready for a wedding.

* Resolution: The resolution is another important thing to consider when buying a camera for Wedding Videography. “Image resolution is the detail an image holds. The term applies to raster digital images, film images, and other types of images. Higher resolution means more image detail.” Well, that’s what the Wikipedia says about image resolution. In other words, higher resolution cameras can produce clear images. OK, you might think buying an HD camera is the answer here. HD cameras come in many formats, so buy a camera providing a minimum of 1920×1080 pixels/image. Only then you can capture quality wedding videos.

* Low-light capability: One of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a Wedding Videography camera. No matter it’s a day or a night function, many wedding venues such as churches and halls may have low-light challenges. So, you must overcome the challenge. It’s a must for evening parties anyway. Large-sensor cameras work well in low-light situations. OK, larger sensors are quite expensive, but as I said earlier; you should invest some money for it if to become a professional.

* Lenses: Cameras with fixed lenses are cheaper and lighter. Anyway, these cameras are less flexible for Wedding Videography. Still, wedding videographers prefer this type because of easy-to-use in busy times. Buying separate lenses can cost you more money, but the end product is much better.

* Storage capability: If you are a very busy wedding videographer, you would give high priority to storage space. Especially, when you record in HD, you will need ample of memory. Considering these facts, I can say; buy a camera that has extra slots for additional memory cards.

Great, you can shop online; or hit the store to buy a camera for Wedding Videography. Narrow your search by the manufacturer. I am leaving you the choice, without suggesting a manufacturer or a specific product.

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Article by: Henry Donald