The Truth Behind Common Bulk Insulation Myths

The Truth Behind Common Bulk

Insulation Myths

Believe the facts, not the myths. Some people don’t trust Bulk Insulation and other insulation types because they don’t know the facts, but only the myths. Can you tell me one thing in this world that no myths are related to it? No, you can’t. For everything, there are myths. OK, in this article; I am going to bust common myths related to Bulk Insulation and other types that discourage house owners. It is a well-known fact that insulation can save up 30% of the money you spend on energy bills. Let’s bust some myths!

* You don’t need insulation: Yes, some people living in hot countries don’t consider insulation as a solution to control heat in their homes. They think air conditioning is the best option. How much do you spend on air conditioning? For how long you are going to spend money on it? Well, Bulk Insulation will not help you much for hot weather conditions. Heat from the sun reaches us via radiation. Which means you need something reflective to reflect sun’s heat rays. Bulk Insulation isn’t good at it. The right insulation type for hot countries is reflective insulation. The shining surfaces on reflective insulation reflect heat rays so you can maintain a constant, comfortable temperature in your home.

* Bulk Insulation is enough for houses in countries like the UK: This year, UK had a very hot summer (countries like the UK has four seasons a year.) Bulk Insulation will protect you from the extreme winter cold, and there’s no doubt about it. Anyway, what will protect you from the summer heat? For countries like the UK, you should have Bulk Insulation and reflective insulation together as a combination. So, you can live a comfortable life during summer and winter.

* House insulation is expensive: Yes, insulating a house is somewhat expensive. OK, let me put it this way. I imagine you have a heart problem and the doctor advise you to go for a bypass. It can be a very expensive operation, but can you avoid it? It is a long-term investment. For the comfort you get from proper insulation – now, can you put a price on that? Did you know that people spend the most amount of money on energy bills for heating and air conditioning?

Well, if you hire a full-service insulating company, then you can save money. Full-service companies do everything for you from inspection, removal, and installation.

* Insulation is dangerous: Well, now we are living in the 21st century. Modern Bulk Insulation and other types don’t contain any traces of asbestos. Anyway, leaving the job for the professionals is advisable. Can you handle electrical work in your home yourself? Of course, you can handle it yourself up to some extent. But for a major electrical work, you will hire an electrician. Electricity is dangerous, but can the world survive without it? We take precautions when dealing with electricity. The same goes for insulation. Once done by a professional, you are safe.

Some final words: Don’t live in the dark. Myths are there for everything today. Believe the facts, not the myths. Don’t wait any longer. Bulk Insulation and other types will save your money in the long run. Go for it so.

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