Insulation Removal

Old Insulation Removal

Insulation Removal

Old Insulation Removal

Homes are often renovated and cause damage to the old insulation causing the home owners to go in for insulation removal. It is almost impossible to gauge if you require insulation removal in a situation where one has no idea of the existing insulation .

There are often mixed opinions on whether insulation removal should be done upto the last scratch OR new insulation be installed over existing ones. Both the sides to the opinion has its pros and cons. If the insulation is completely removed – there is damage to the insulation that is still useful. So why remove something that can be sued again. On the other hand, the other side to it is that insulation if not dangerous can be partially by insulation removal experts and new insulation can be added over it – so that there is less wastage and is cost effective at the same time.

Some homeowners also make the mistake of thinking insulation removal and installation is a simple task and can be easily completed over the weekend. If you are one of them, beware ! it is not something a DIY person like you can do just to save money. You may be putting yourself and your family members and your home under risk by trying to do insulation removal yourself without any expertise.

Since the task in hazardous it is recommended that insulation removal especially if old should be done by experts with experience. They would be equipped with the right tools required and to handle the complexities that arise out of old insulation removal.

Insulation removal requires materials like:

  • Saftey gear
  • Equipment
  • Tools

Disposing the old material after

Insulation Removal

One commonly ignored issue after insulation removal is assessing the condition of the removed material. Get an expert in to asses it to and get an offer for removing, disposing and reinstalling at the same time.

Insulation Removal

The disposal material will differ from home to home. Sometimes the very nature of insulation removal can be very unsafe. The removal substance is disposed off keeping in mind the health of the people living in the premises as high on priority.

One should know that once insulation removal is completed the task is not over. Due to safe disposal policies – municipalities have strict regulation when they collect , store or transport old insulated material after insulation removal. One should never make short cuts in disposing material .

Recycling rules are very stringent as the disposed material could be hazardous. Some insulation material like asbestos or vermiculite and has to be regulated for disposal purpose. For instance , batt insulation that is old fiberglass have to be disposed off following the disposal guidelines.

After the insulation removal comes the stage of re-insulation. It is advisable to do any repairs or renovations after the insulation removal is completed and before the new insulation is installed. The repairs could be closing vents, changing a pipeline, fixing down lights, installing air vapor barrier, This is done keeping in mind that energy has to be conserved.

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Article by: Henry Donald