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La Marzocco: Why Should You Drink Coffee In Moderate Amounts

La Marzocco loves coffee than anybody in this world. Producing world-class coffee machines for coffee lovers is our passion. How much coffee do you drink per day? Did you know that overconsumption of coffee can cause many health issues? Too much of anything is not good for us. In this article, we talk about this magical beverage (coffee,) and why should you stick to the recommended daily limits? La Marzocco wants to protect all the coffee lovers in the world. You will benefit from reading this article. Let’s get started!

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* Insomnia

Hitting the bed after a long day for a good night sleep is the ultimate happiness. But what if you don’t fall asleep? Insomnia, or difficulty in falling and/or staying asleep is a health issue we often hear these days. It can make you feel very tired in the morning. Well, our body relaxes and recover when we are sleeping. So, if we miss that sleep; our body and mind will struggle in many ways. Experts have identified a common cause of this troublesome health issue. Coffee — yes, this world-famous beverage has been identified as a main cause of insomnia in many people.

La Marzocco tip: Well, if you skip the coffee cup that you take before the bed; you can fall asleep without any trouble. Coffee lovers who are addicted to coffee drinking after the dinner as a habit complain about the difficulty to fall asleep at night. The reason is the caffeine in the coffee. Caffeine is a mental stimulant that can keep you awake for hours after you hit the bed. It keeps your mind awake and stimulated. So, what can you do? La Marzocco tip: The half-life of caffeine in the human body is between 4-6 hours. Which means its effects will be there in your body for up to 6 hours after consumption. Now, you can calculate the time. If you take your last coffee cup at 5 pm; it will keep you awake until 11 pm (roughly.) So, if you are a person who hit the bed a bit early (10 pm;) don’t take coffee after 4 pm.

* Coffee can be a laxative at times. Also, it causes constipation in some coffee drinkers. What is it causing to you? Many people avoid coffee as they get constipated after having it. Also, coffee can stimulate colonic muscle movements. Nobody can give an exact answer to why coffee causes constipation to some drinkers and bowel movements to others. La Marzocco tip: drinking coffee in moderate amounts can lower these side effects. Anyway, to find out what it will cause you (constipation/laxative;) drink it in moderate amounts and find it out yourself. The biggest side effect of this — indigestion (undigested and unbroken foods pass into your small intestine from the stomach.)

* Coffee can be addictive

Well, every coffee lover in this world is an individual who is addicted to coffee. Anyway, some people get addicted to coffee to a point where they can’t survive without it. They can’t start the day without that morning coffee cup. Also, some coffee lovers drink coffee as water. Drinking coffee after every meal is not advisable as it can affect food nutrition. What should you do then? At La Marzocco, we advise coffee lovers to keep it between 4-5 cups a day. Well, if you can lower it up to 2-3 cups day; you can enjoy the real benefits of coffee.

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* Coffee and pregnancy

As mentioned, caffeine is the most active substance in coffee. According to studies conducted by the University of Nevada School of Medicine, caffeine can reduce the activity of the Fallopian tubes. Do you know the function of the Fallopian tubes? If you don’t, La Marzocco will explain it to you. These are the tubes that carry eggs from the ovaries to the uterus where they will get fertilized by sperms. Eggs travel through Fallopian tubes to the uterus by tubal and muscular contractions. But according to the conducted study, caffeine can lower these essential contractions. As a result, you would become less likely to get pregnant. Also, it can lead ectopic pregnancy (the egg get fertilized in the Fallopian tubes.)

OK, La Marzocco would like to talk about another serious side effect here. A study conducted by the National Institutes of Health and Ohio State University revealed that miscarriages are common in women who drink coffee regularly (the reason is the caffeine in coffee.) They advise women to avoid coffee in the first seven weeks after getting pregnant. Anyway, avoiding caffeine is highly advisable if you plan to get pregnant. La Marzocco tip: you can minimize the risk of miscarriage by 79% if you take essential vitamins such as vitamin B6 and folic acid.

* Caffeine and incontinence

Well, this health issue is very common among women. Inability to control urine or leaky bladder — a condition where you find it difficult to control your bladder (even sneezing can make you leak.) Anyway, you can control this side effect by lowering your daily coffee intake. And that is why La Marzocco says to consume coffee in moderate amounts.

* Coffee and cancer

Coffee is known for its anti-cancer properties. But everything in this world has a negative side too. When coffee beans are roasted at high temperatures, acrylamide can form. The latest studies have found that acrylamide is genotoxic and carcinogenic. So, regular consumption of coffee can raise the levels of carcinogenic compounds in your body, which can have long-term health issues such as cancer formation.

Some final words

La Marzocco

Well, we are not trying to scare you about coffee consumption. You can minimize all these possible side effects by drinking it in moderate amounts. Moderate coffee consumption comes with many health benefits, which La Marzocco will explain to you with another article. Talk to your doctor about caffeine consumption if you are pregnant or planning for pregnancy.

While it is difficult to say the safe limit for every coffee lover in the world, experts suggest keeping it between 4-5 cups a day. Well, you can reduce it up to 2-3 cups a day for extra safety. OK, don’t get discouraged after reading this article. You can continue to drink coffee for the lifetime if you stick to the safe limits. Avoid coffee at least six hours before the bed. La Marzocco tip: avoid tech gadgets before the bed (at least two hours before the bed.) Experts have found that using tech gadgets such as tabs and smartphones can lead to insomnia in some people. Hope you found this article helpful. See you again soon!

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