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Is Insulation Removal recommended for attic floor Insulation

Insulation Removal

As Insulation Removal experts we often get asked if Insulation removal is recommended especially when there is spray foam used. This question normally arises when one is not sure if the insulation on the attic floor is to be removed before the roof deck of a home is going to be insulated. The very obvious answer to this question that any Insulation Removal expert across the world will suggest is to remove the attic floor insulation.

Reasons why Insulation Removal is highly recommended :

  1. To make sure the air is sealed:

The method of spray foam insulation and air barrier is a method to seal the air leaking from a home. If the spray foam is properly done by experts it is a great insulating agent. The method is effective if the far end corners of the home are sealed by the foam installer – especially the eaves in an attic. The installer should reach and spray the foam sealing them for any chances of a leak.

If by chance the existing insulation present in the attic does not experience a successful insulation removal – it tends to interfere with the installation of foam. The challenge in insulation removal is the leaks that are left due to the old insulation especially at the transitions . Therefore , before you hire an insulation removal expert make sure you check out the reviews they have to understand if they have the job expertise.

  1. Prevent moisture in attics :

Expert in insulation removal always conduct a proper survey of the temperature of the home in winter, temperature of the attic in winter and also the lowest outside temperature in the same season. Temperature is the key to manage and prevent moisture formation.

The air and temperature in the attic is directly connected with the air and temperature in the home. This is because the foam spray is done in a manner so that it doesn’t seal the air in the attic floor . Therefore the moisture and humidity in the attic is higher  that the air from outdoors. The air that is cold is always drier.

Insulation Removal

If the insulation removal is not done and left in the attic floor as a result the attic will be cooler in winter. The attic does not have vents to the outdoors and remains higher in temperature than outdoors during winter season. However, the attic is lower in temperature as compared to the living space in the home if insulation removal is not done and left on the attic floor. This lowers the temperature of the spray foam and there are high chances that it drops below the temperature of the ‘dew point’.

Therefore, insulation removal is suggested from the attic floor as a solution. Research says that once the insulation removal experts deal with the air in the attic the moisture and damp problem goes away.

  1. Insulation Removal helps improve indoor air odor and quality

You all will agree that the older the insulation the more it is covered with dust, leaves, debris , bay guano, rat poop, remains of rat poison just to name a few of the astonishing things found in attics. Before insulation removal the attic was vented to outdoors and the inside space of the home was not connected with these remains found in the attic.

Now there is spray foam present on the roof deck. It makes the attic filth have an effect in the home space resulting in odor issues. The air quality indoors come down. Therefore it is highly recommended that the insulation removal is done on attic floors.

One of the common question is : Will I face a problem if I don’t remove insulation ( that is old)?

The answer is that insulation removal and spray foam insulation on the roof deck should go hand in hand – in order to make the entire home ventilated. This also conditions the attic air.

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