Why Should You Hire a Structural Engineer Foundation Inspection?

The foundation of a house could be the most important part of it. Without a proper foundation, no house actually. Depending on the area you live in, you may often experience problems with foundations. How can you inspect the foundation for damages and other issues? Ignoring the foundation-related problems could cause a disaster. You are not an expert, so you don’t know where to start. Selecting a professional Structural Engineer is our recommendation, and this article explains why.

1) They are well-qualified individuals

Becoming a Structural Engineer is not a piece of cake. I mean, for years, they gather knowledge about structural systems, materials, inspection, and foundation inspections. They hold a civil engineering degree (4-5 years of college.) Also, they work hard to obtain the license. That means they are well-qualified to perform foundation inspections. Confidently you can hand them over the job.

2) They produce engineering reports

It’s not like you performing inspections. The Structural Engineer will thoroughly inspect for damages, and produce a detailed report on damages and repair plans. You can rely on his report because he is a professional. This report is useful when obtaining a loan and settling disputes. You can give the report as a guide for your contractors too. Getting it done by a Structural Engineer saves your money. For example, contractors can charge you up to $600 for a report, but an engineer will only $200 maximum.

3) They see problems

It’s not like you or an inspector performing an inspection. The Structural Engineer look at it with professional eyes. He sees issues that we will miss most of the time. As mentioned, the foundation of a house could be the most important part, so you can’t afford to miss critical issues related to it. On the other hand, they are problem solvers. If you read articles about the qualities of Structural Engineers, you will come across their problem-solving abilities for sure. While you or an inspector don’t see a solution, he will see the right fix with his expert eyes.

4) His aim is to fix

With his problem-solving skills, he wants to fix every problem within the foundation. That’s an extra benefit of hiring a Structure Engineer over an inspector because the inspector will inspect and give you a report, but necessarily he will not have the right fixes. How can you prevent further and future damages? What was the possible cause of failure? The engineer will educate you on these areas.

5) He will give recommendations to the contractor to hire

Well, you can easily find a contractor today, but how can you find the right one depending on your requirements? Structural Engineers know reputable contractors in your city so he will recommend you a few of the best in the city. It’s an additional advantage of hiring an engineer for foundation inspections.

6) You are stress-free

When the engineer inspects and gives recommendations, you know his fixes will work for sure. He’s a structural expert, so you won’t get second thoughts on hiring him for the job.


OK, now you understand the benefits of getting an engineer for inspecting the foundation. Don’t go for cheaper alternatives for the sake of saving money. As mentioned,  minor damages of the foundation can cause a disaster.

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