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Bulk Insulation

Bulk Insulation and other types can do a lot for your home. It saves energy, maintains a comfortable temperature, and makes it soundproof. How can you pick the right type for your home? Many insulation types are available today such as Bulk Insulation, reflective insulation, and a combination of both. Anyway, choosing the wrong type can cause issues such as an inability to maintain a constant temperature in your home. Well, in this article; I am going to explain factors to consider when choosing insulation for your home. Let’s get started. Shall we?

* Climate conditions: The top factor to consider when choosing insulation. Bulk Insulation works well in cold climates and reflective insulation works in hot climates. Countries like the UK has mix climates throughout the year. Also, in countries like Australia; the whole country has different climate zones ( In hot countries like Lybia, reflective insulation would be your best friend.

* R-value: It is the measurement that determines the resistant to heat flow through the insulating material. So, higher the R-value, the more the protection from heat and cold. We can consider it as an indicator of high-quality Bulk Insulation. The R-value of insulation types varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. I have come across some manufacturers who claim their products have higher R-values than any other products in the market today.

* Do you already have insulation? Did you notice an increase in energy bills recently? Or, you are looking for the right insulation type for your new home. If you already have insulation, and if it is not performing well; then you should find the cause first. It could be due to water damage, attic fire, rodent infestation, mold, and so on. Installing new Bulk Insulation and other types without troubleshooting the problems would just waste your money again. Check for any roof leaks and leaks within the plumbing system in the attic. Listen to the sounds from the attic and look for any signs of pest/wildlife infestation. Your house may be under-insulated.

* Flammability: Some Bulk Insulation and other types are more flammable than others. Attic fire is a common occurrence we often hear today. Some manufacturers claim that their products can even act as a fire barrier. Cellulose insulation can become flammable if not treated properly. In summary, flammability is a top factor to consider when choosing Bulk Insulation and other types for your home.

Bulk Insulation

*  Allergens: Fiber glass insulation can cause breathing difficulties and irritations. Some manufacturers claim that their injection foam is safer than cellulose, fiberglass, and Rockwool insulation. The old-days insulation used to have traces of asbestos in them. Anyway, modern insulation types are 100% free from traces of asbestos. No matter the type, hiring a professional insulating company is advisable for insulation inspection, removal, and installation. DIY projects can go wrong in many ways such as under-insulation, leaving gaps, and so on.

Some final words: Well, you will surely consider the price of Bulk Insulation and other types. Insulation price has gone down considerably in today’s world. Disposing of old insulation (contaminated with asbestos) is tricky. Consider all the factors given in this article when choosing insulation for your home. Only then you will save your time and money.

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