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Many companies have regular cleaning staff to ensure their daily cleaning needs are met. Of course this provides convenience. However, these staff might not be able to handle the accumulated dirt that hides in corners, crevices as well as outside topmost parts of buildings. Moreover, you might have an important event that requires your premises be spotless, or an event that leaves a lot of extra work that can overwhelm your staff.  If you live in Melbourne, this need not stress you. There are many commercial cleaning Melbourne services.

Commercial Cleaning Expertise

The companies offering these cleaning services are trained in various skills that potential clients may need. For instance, the cleaning needs for a school are very different compared to those of a hospital. A school, by the very fact that it serves children would need very health friendly cleaning chemicals. A hospital’s first priority would be to kill all the harm germs and avoid their spread.

Some of these companies go as far as ensuring that their staff’s conduct is checked by the police. This, no doubt, is great measure taken to ensure security is taken care of for their clients and their properties. Some of the cleaning companies offer services 24/7, which must be very convenient for their clients.

Other companies are so diligent in giving great customer service; they supervise the work through various levels of management and give support should it be needed thereafter. There is great competition in the cleaning industry. As a result, clients get very good deals in terms of quality and cost as providers try their best to outdo each other in order to get big market shares.

Commercial Cleaning Rates

The rates are flexible as per customer needs. Some companies charge per hour, others per project, and others even offer discounts of up to 50% for a client’s first job. Rates can be as low as $35. Others range between $70 and $130. Prices are in Australian dollars.

commercial cleaning services.

Types of Cleaning Services offered commercially

Each company has a range of services it offers, though some are similar across companies. The major ones for most companies are:

1. Office cleaning – This can be subdivided into specific areas as follows:

·         Walls

·         Ceilings and windows

·         Carpet cleaning

·         Workstations etc.

2. Hospital cleaning

3. Educational cleaning

4. Industrial cleaning

5. Leisure or sports cleaning

6. Home cleaning

 commercial cleaning services.

Other Cleaning Service

One may find some specialized services in some of the companies such as:

Ø  Gardening and landscaping

Ø  Maintenance service

Ø  Emergency cleaning services

Ø  Cleaning of high rise buildings

Ø  And Upholstery among others.

In conclusion, cleaning services are easily available in Melbourne. The companies offering them do so very professionally, thereby making their customers happy. For those who live in the city, there is no need for stress when thinking of a very dirty office, carpets, and other areas that cannot be practically reached on a routine basis. Home cleaning can be done on regular basis, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly according to a client’s need. Some of the companies also clean ovens, cabinets, anything one can think of.


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