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Cheap Movers Melbourne: Long distance moving tips Part-2

Cheap Movers Melbourne

Cheap Movers Melbourne: Long distance moving tips

I am back with the part-2 of the series “Cheap Movers Melbourne: Long distance moving tips.” In the last article, we discussed the insurance and the importance of proper packing. We are talking about long distance moves (a big job.) Let’s see what’s the tip 3.

3) What you will need upon arrival?: Don’t give the items you will need upon arrival to Cheap Movers Melbourne to transport for you. You will surely need these items in the new destination. OK, I will tell what you should keep with you:

1) Driver’s license.

2) Passport.

3) Birth Certificate.

4) Recent bank statements.

5) Tax returns/pay stubs.

6) Whatever you feel should have in your hand.

If you pack them in boxes, you will not have them readily in your hand. In summary, don’t pack anything in boxes that you will need to get going at the new destination. As you already know, shipment can take several days to reach your new country. So, if you pack the items you need to get going in boxes, you can imagine what would happen then. Keep some clothing, hygiene products, and some extra cash in hand.

4) How about your outside furniture?: Well, this is applicable to some plants as well. Inspect your outdoor furniture and plants for any signs of insect, larvae, and fungus (mildew/mold.) Know the regulations about transporting plants from state to state or from country to country. These regulations are there to prevent contaminants entering the state or country. If you are unsure about the regulations, ask for more information from the Cheap Movers Melbourne you have hired. Well, a moving company may not know all about these regulations, so refer government pamphlets to get the critical information.

Cheap Movers Melbourne

5) Packing your mattress: Packing your mattress in a box is the safest way to prevent bending, damaging, and getting dirty. Many people tend to just bend the mattress and load into the truck. Get an ideal-sized box for your mattress from Cheap Movers Melbourne. It’s a long distance move, so a few different crew will handle your mattress. Well, you can buy a new mattress when you are in the new home (if your old mattress is in bad shape.)

6) Food and liquids: OK, this is a top tip to consider when planning a long distance move. Don’t pack even the canned food if your move is a long distance one. You know what would happen to the perishable food kept in boxes for several days. In a ship, your boxes may stay for weeks until reach you. So, foods in boxes will attract strangers who destroy your other items as well (furry and creepy crawlies.) The reason I say not to pack even the canned food because there’s a risk of getting crushed. Imagine the sardine cans getting crushed and leaking onto other items.

Well, it’s not just your items; other client’s items may also be in the truck or in the shipping container.

7) Proper labeling: If you are shipping your items, make sure to mark your name clearly on each box. Don’t mark what’s inside the boxes for safety. You can number the boxes and keep a list with you of what’s in the numbered boxes. Cheap Movers Melbourne expects ever customers to mark their boxes with a unique identifier. So, when your items are mixed with another client’s items, anybody can notice immediately.

Great, that’s the end of the series. Hope this series will help you to plan your long distance move well.

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