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Cheap Movers Melbourne: Long distance moving tips Part-1

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Cheap Movers Melbourne: Long distance moving tips

A long distance move is a different chapter. It’s not like moving from your town to the next town. You must prepare yourself well in advance to avoid disasters. Understand the different between a local move and a long distance move before you plan the process. Well, it could be your first long distance move, or you may have a bad experience with an earlier long distance move disaster. Well, if you are planning a long distance move in the coming days, this is the right series for you. This series covers all the top tips on how to get your long distance move right without any hassle and disasters.

1) Packing your items for a long distance move: Will talk about an interstate move. A typical interstate move will take 2-3 days to complete. So, during the process, multiple workers will handle your items. What does that mean? You need to pack your items in a safer manner to survive the long distance move. This is my suggestion: you don’t pack your items yourself for a long distance move. Leave it to the Cheap Movers Melbourne professionals. They will pack your items in hard boxes with ample amounts of padding, so no loose items inside the boxes. They will make sure the boxes are sealed properly, so even if the boxes turned upside down, your items will be safe inside the boxes without coming out. It’s very clear that you can’t just use boxes from the local market to pack your items for a long distance move. OK, some items you can pack yourself, but get hard boxes from Cheap Movers Melbourne with a discount.

For an overseas move, the same process; but you will have to contact a shipping company. Anyway, some moving companies are there who provides shipping facilities as well. Compare the prices of those moving companies with shipping companies rates and decide what’s best for your budget. In summary, whether it’s an interstate move or an overseas move, get professionals to pack your household goods.

Cheap Movers Melbourne

2) Insure your belongings: What could happen to your household goods in the truck or on a ship over thousands of miles? What would happen to your priceless antique table when loading and unloading? Well, anything can happen, so the insurance is a must to consider. Let’s see some of the moving industry statistics. OK, I am highlighting the stat of American moving association. The stat says, “more than 80% the moves had no claims.” In other words, if 100 customers hired a mover, 80 of them didn’t have to make a claim for damaged or missing items. Still, 20 customers had a reason to make a claim. You could be in the second category. So, before you hire Cheap Movers Melbourne, get every detail about their insurance and liability policies.

The mover you are considering may be the number one in the world; still, mistakes can happen from that mover’s staff. If you are not 100% satisfied with the mover’s insurance policy, you can consider the service from a third-party. Question the mover you are considering about the best insurance option.

Some companies are there who don’t offer an insurance for your items. Those companies say, “don’t worry sir! We will protect all your items throughout the journey.” Don’t trust them. They may do their best to protect your items, but mistakes can happen from even the most experienced person in the world.

OK, I am ending the part-1 at this point. See you soon with part-2 of the series.

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