5 Secrets to Great Wedding Videography in Melbourne

Wedding Videography Melbourne

5 Secrets to Great Wedding Videography in Melbourne

15 years ago or so I got married  and we hired a wedding  videographer  to do the job  he got all the shots right he did his job  and gave us pictures and video and captured all that he was asked to do  and charged us a bomb for the wedding videography but  there was not special sauce  in his work. Nothing that left me saying wow nothing that would hold in my memory and return to when I felt nostalgic and looking to revisit. It was then I decided that henceforth if anyone in my family or close circle were getting married in Melbourne I would shoot for their wedding videography because frankly,  I could do a better job than Charlie boy had done.

What began as a hobby is today a full-blown business that I love. Its my day job and many a time it leaves me nostalgic and fuzzy and romantic and in the mood to revisit my own wedding video, but alas I know better. Now I just wait for my silver jubilee to shoot some out of the box wedding videography

 You just need a camcorder

It all began just after Trixie and I got married and scouting around the Wedding Videography market in Melbourne  I realised that all I needed is a good camcorder and some photography related equipment lights, mikes reflectors, and I was ready to go. I also learnt that the market is a good one can make quite a lot of money especially when the wedding season comes around. Video equipment becomes obsolete very quickly so invest wisely in good robust equipment not top of the line equipment. This just fine for Wedding Videography Melbourne.  A very important tip buy 2 cameras cos you will need one to backup video and buy a cheap audio recorder as well.

Understand what your camera can do

It is very important to know your camera before you go shoot. This because for a wedding most of your wedding videography will happen indoors and for that knowing the LUX of your camera or the measurement of camera sensitivity to light is important. I soon realised this as I began to shoot for weddings in Melbourne, most of the time I shot in low lit churches temples and synagogues. What you need here is a camera with lower LUX ratings produce better video in low light situations than cameras with higher LUX ratings to give you better results when you step out on your wedding videography assignment in Melbourne.

Wedding Videography Melbourne

 Meet the perspective bride n groom

Iv realise that each wedding in Melbourne is different all of them are unique and therefore it is a must that you meet the bride and groom and their family. They know best what they want from their wedding videography session so let them tell you the basic plan . Then you go and refine it add your own secret spice and deliver a wedding videography product that Melbourne has never seen before.  Many a time its all about being in the right place at the right time to get the right shot a stolen glance an unexpected sweeping hug. That is what separates the videographers from the shoot at sight operators.

Blend it in

Get a mix of long shots that capture the crowd action and know when to zoom in to capture the tender moments like the exchange of rings ceremony.  That is why I mentioned having at least two not too expensive cameras at your disposal. Sometimes while on a wedding videography assignment in Melbourne I use 5 to six cameras to capture all the action and get paid for it too but as I said its ok, to begin with two cameras One for the long shots and the other for the close-up action.

Be on time

Be on time for all the ceremonies. My experience says be early sometimes you can catch the bride or groom alone in a moment of contemplation before the action begins. And finally, wrap up the shooting edit it fast put in the necessary effects does overdo it and deliver the video ASAP the bride and groom and their family and friends want the videos and pictures yesterday. In fact, I give them one version of the wedding videography on the day of the wedding time permitting and therefore I’m ahead of the pack when it comes to wedding videography in Melbourne

Dilek & Yalcin’s Cinematic Wedding Clip from Venus Films on Vimeo.

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