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There’s no doubt about it. A website is the most powerful online marketing tool you can have for your business. Today, SEO Melbourne is going to explain what we usually do. I mean, when we develop a website for a client; we consider two factors: 1) What the site is about. 2) What the purpose is. Web-designing companies usually don’t consider those two factors. You must have come across websites that with irreverent designs and content. I mean, the design of the website doesn’t match with what they sell. At SEO Melbourne, we do the followings:

* Don’t make a website about many things: What message do you want to give the visitors, and about what product and service? Yes, it can be for more than one thing, but give priority to your main topic. If not, the visitors will not understand your website. For example, you are selling vitamins and well-being products. If you promote shoes on the same website, doesn’t that look odd? SEO Melbourne tip: optimizing your website for one or similar products is advisable.

* Have a mobile-friendly version: People now don’t have time to browse the Internet via computers and laptops. More and more people use mobile devices for the purpose. Which means if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, you are annoying the majority of the Internet users. At SEO Melbourne, we encourage business owners to invest money in a mobile-friendly version too. Facebook is the best example to prove the success of mobile-friendly versions.

* What is slowing it down? Just get rid of them: I hate websites that take ages to load. Don’t keep anything that will slow down your website (especially, for mobile-friendly versions.) Flash graphics, unnecessary plugins, music players, and large images – get rid of them all. They will slow your website down. SEO Melbourne tip: people are too busy to waste time on your website that takes ages to load.

* Get all about the keywords right: Keyword density, keyword placing, right keywords – many things are there to consider. SEO Melbourne tip: use keywords in your pictures. Don’t write content stuffed full of keywords. Choose the right words after a careful analysis (free tools are available today.) Place the keywords in your text at the right places. Content writing is a different talent. Reputable SEO companies have specialized writers (content writers) employed for the purpose.

* Update your website: Well, don’t update the contents once a month. The keywords, trends, SEO, and Google itself change rapidly. So, not updating your website for more than a year is not advisable. SEO Melbourne tip: some SEO companies advise clients to get new content each month. But it is just a myth. You don’t constantly have to update your website with new content.

* Write like a human: Blog writing is not similar to writing essays. Don’t make it sounds like RoboCop wrote it. Write great, interesting stuff.

Some final words: A website can increase your sales to a greater extent. Without it, your business will not survive in today’s world. SEO Melbourne blog has articles on content writing and other SEO tips. Hope you found this article helpful.

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