What To Expect From Your SEO Melbourne Company


What To Expect From Your SEO

Melbourne Company

Well, people don’t hire an SEO company for fun, they spend money for a successful business. Imagine you are providing a quality service/product, but the business is not making enough money. All your competitors are ahead of the game making more money each day. You have found out their secret to success. It’s the SEO company they have hired who does the magic trick. So, now you have made the decision of hiring SEO Melbourne for a thriving business. Yes, you have made the right decision. What’s next? What should you expect from your SEO company? This is how we deal with our customers:

* Introductory Meeting: Once you selected SEO Melbourne, we have an industry meeting (mostly, in person.) We will introduce who we are and account manager and team of SEO experts. We will ask you about the business goals, current status, products, services, and so on. If SEO is not your cup of tea, we will give you an explanation and what are the benefits of SEO. We will ask you questions about your previous SEO partners, what were the results of hiring them, and so on. Well, you too can ask any questions about SEO Melbourne.

* SEO audit: Maybe your business still doesn’t have a company website. Then we will analyze the market, choose the right keywords, and develop an SEO-optimized website for your business. If you already have a website, then we start with an SEO audit. We have tools to determine the SEO friendliness of your current website. Well, if your website is listed on the last pages of the search engines; we can come to a decision about its current situation. The duration of the audit depends on the size of your website. SEO Melbourne allocates a team member for each customer, so you will get a dedicated expert from our qualified team. We will send a detailed report about the SEO audit via an email or other means.

* Improving process: From the SEO audit, we identify all the requirements to rank your website on first search pages. Well, we don’t ask you to trust us straightway and pay us the money. We are very confident about our SEO skills, so we offer customers a 1-month trial package. You might get scared of the 1-month package because some writers scare people around saying the 1-month package is a sign of SEO scammers (don’t believe them.) We are in the industry for years providing an excellent service for everyone who hires us.

The reason we offer the 1-month trial package is not for stealing your personal data, but to save your money and prove you that we can really make it happen. If you are not happy with the results from the trial package, you don’t hire SEO Melbourne. But we are 100% confident that you will get amazed by the results after the month is gone. As mentioned, we give you a detailed SEO report about the current status and one again after the 1-month trial period. It’s dead simple. Compare the two reports and witness the difference.

Summary: Yes, you have made the right choice. Hiring SEO Melbourne will take your business to the next level. We are 100% confident about our SEO skills, and we can prove it.

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