Structural Engineer

Structural Engineers are the best persons to hire for your home inspections

Cost For Hiring a Structural Engineer Revealed

Structural Engineers are the experts in structures. They are the best persons to hire for your home inspections. Many reasons are there to get a one for home inspection, and I am starting from them.

When do you need a Structural Engineer?:

* Cracks in walls and foundation

These are the critical parts of your home. Cracks in the foundation is a thing to consider seriously. Anyway, you can’t analyze the severity of it yourself.

* Bowing and sagging in the roof and walls.

* Rot damage, carpenter ant, and termite

Common causes of structural damages. Well, the Structural Engineer can’t help you in getting rid of these creatures, but he will analyze the damage and give you solutions to prevent them in the future.

Structural Engineer

* Structural defects

Detecting structural defects needs expert eyes. Damages progress over time and cause the structure to collapse suddenly. So, if you notice any initial signs, get a Structural Engineer for a complete evaluation.

* When your new home is under construction

Having an architect and contractors is not enough. “An architect is someone who plans, designs, and reviews the construction of buildings.” That’s what Wikipedia says about an architect. The contractor focuses more on building the house. The Structural Engineer is the one who makes sure that the house will stay without collapsing. In other words, he will analyze the design given by the architect and makes improvements.

* For bank and mortgage company loan services

If you are buying a house, you will mostly apply for a loan or a mortgage. The loan provider will ask you to produce a report about the property by a qualified Structural Engineer.

* After Hurricane Katrina

A hurricane is a natural disaster that can cause severe damages to your home. You have to hire a Structural Engineer to evaluate the severity of the damages caused by it.

* Water, flood, and fire damage

If any of these took over your home recently, get an engineer for a complete evaluation.

Structural Engineer

Structural Engineer cost

The cost may vary depending on many factors such as the size of the property, severity of damages, and engineer’s reputation/qualifications. The cost of a project may vary between $200-$1300 (according to HomeAdvisor. com.) ( Please visit this website and see the graph I am discussing here. They have given accurate data gathered from HomeAdvisor members. The average cost for a Structural Engineer is $504. Most homeowners have spent between $320-$693. Well, the average cost ($504) is cheap when compared to the service they provide. The cost is for a full evaluation, report, and advice. As mentioned, his report will help you a lot when obtaining a loan for a house.

Hiring a Structural Engineer

Always make sure you hire a licensed engineer. If not, he/she must be working for a licensed surveying company. Don’t just settle with the first engineering firm you saw on the Internet. You can get useful information if you contact your local building official or surveyor’s office. Engineers can charge you hourly, or for the project as a fixed charge. It’s difficult to say which option is cheaper. It depends on the project anyway. Spending money on an engineer will never be a waste in the long run.

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