Insulation Batts Can Do More For You In The Long Run

Saving money on energy bills — people often talk about it when referring to Insulation Batts. Anyway, saving money on energy bills is not the only factor to consider here. Of course, you can save thousands of dollars on energy bills by installing home insulation. Anyway, we should consider other factors such as comfort levels in your home and contribute to energy saving (as an Australian citizen.) The weather in Australia is not harsh like in colder countries like Canada and Iceland. Anyway, Australian homeowners do rely on heaters and air conditioners a lot throughout the year. Heaters and air conditioners are known for consuming high amounts of energy. Everybody can minimize using air conditioners and heaters by installing Insulating Batts.

Still, houses are there in Australia without insulation or lack of it. We live in the 21st century, but why some owners haven’t invested money in home insulation? Well, the reason is the initial barrier or the cost that they have to afford to install it in their homes. Yes, installing Insulation Batts can cost you some thousands of dollars, depending on your home’s size. But, don’t forget the fact that a proper insulation material will serve you for many decades, saving energy.

Luckily, the winter in Australia isn’t harsh like in Canada. So, we don’t need to worry about keeping our families safe from the extreme winter cold. How about the summer then? Well, our summer is hot, and relying on air conditioners is the widely-used practice. Did you know that Insulation Batts can protect you from extreme summer heat too? Anyway, you should choose the right insulation type that will protect you from the summer heat, also; from the winter cold. Bulk insulation types are great for protecting your family from the winter cold. Bulk material types do offer some protection from the heat too. Anyway, modern insulation manufacturers have invented special material types that can offer more protection from heat than that traditional bulk insulation does. Or, you can install both the material types to stay away from the extreme winter cold and summer heat.

Insulation Batts

Thermal Insulation Batts: As the name suggests, these materials offer thermal protection. These materials are thick batts that prevent heat and cold transfer through them. With the increased thickness, you can increase the thermal protection too. Anyway, that does not mean that you should install layers of insulation in your home. The R-value is the factor to consider here, which is the measure of Insulation Batts thermal resistance (higher the R-value, more the thermal resistance.) The prices may vary depending on the R-value, material type, manufacturer, and geographical location.

Well, we were discussing a special insulation type that offers greater protection from the summer heat. We call it the Reflective Insulation. As the name suggests, it reflects heat rays from the sun. The heat from the sun reaches the earth via radiation, and if we can block the radiation; we can keep our homes cool. Reflective insulation comes with a shiny surface that reflects off radiation. WBattsInsulation Battse don’t talk about an R-value here. A combination of bulk Insulation Batts and reflective insulation will keep you protected throughout the year from heat and cold, allowing you to minimize the use of heaters and air conditioners.

Your home’s comfort levels: Your wife, kids, and even pets deserve to live a comfortable life in their home. Anyway, when the temperature rises or falls beyond the comfortable range; it will negatively affect the quality of life in your home. Can you live peacefully in a commercial freezer? Well, the temperature inside the commercial freezer is too cold, so you cannot live in there peacefully. Even though the winter temperature in Australia isn’t close to that in a commercial freezer; still, it can bother you. As a result, you will keep the heaters on all day, which will skyrocket your energy bills. The same scenario takes place in the summer too. To fight the heat, you will keep the air conditioners on all day, which will skyrocket your energy bills.

It is not all about you losing money on energy bills. You are wasting Australia’s energy by keeping your heaters and air conditioners on all day long. Did you know that insulation Batts can save you money in the long run, which you can use later to build your own home? For example, a proper insulation material will serve you for 3-4 decades (if maintained properly.) While we can’t say an exact amount of money you will save on energy over 3-4 decades, we can say, “it’s a lot.”

Why is it difficult keeping heat inside your home? Temperature is an environmental parameter than moves from a high-intensity place to a low-intensity one. So, what takes place during the summer? Well, the outside temperature is much higher during the summer than your home’s inside temperature. As a result, the heat travels from the high-intensity place which is the outside to the low-intensity place (inside.) The opposite action takes place during the winter. To prevent this heat transfer, you should install Insulation Batts in the right places of your home. For example, the experts in the insulation industry have highlighted several areas in your home that contribute to the highest heat loss via conduction and convection. The ceiling/roof, walls, floor, doors, windows, and the attic. Anyway, installing an insulation material on windows is not a practical solution. A quick tip: don’t forget to repair the garage door if it is in bad condition. Homeowners usually forget it when insulating their homes. Special materials types are there to install on the garage door to minimize heat transfer through it.

How much will you need to install insulation in your home? Well, you should hire a home inspector or an expert from an insulation company to calculate the amount of Insulation Batts you will need to cover every gap.

Insulation Batts

Some final words: Don’t hesitate to invest money in a proper insulation material; it may cost you thousands, but it will generate more money in the long run by saving thousands on energy bills. Well, we should mention acoustic batts too here. This special material type is designed to offer greater soundproofing and thermal resistance. So, if your house is built in an industrial area or facing a highway; you will benefit from installing acoustic batts over other traditional insulation material types. The density is the factor that determines the efficiency of acoustic batts, not the R-value or thickness. Did you find this article helpful? Leave a comment then!

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