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Explaining Soundproof Batts, Insulation Adelaide, And Insulation Thickness

Soundproof Batts

As a house owner, you should inspect insulation in your home regularly. Insulation has become a critical factor these days. Experts talk about it more than ever now. But why! Well, the world fears a possible energy crisis. Can it happen? Experts are warning about a possible energy crisis as they have analyzed it. How can homeowners save the world from it? What is Insulation Adelaide? What is the difference between thermal insulation and soundproof batts? Why is Insulation Thickness important? We will talk about all these important factors in this article.

Insulation Adelaide

Many types of insulating materials are there today. Every government in the world encourage people to install a proper insulating material for energy-saving. Lowering energy bills — we talk about everywhere today. Installing Insulation Adelaide can bring down your energy bills by 30%. Well, 30% is a big value when it comes to energy-saving. We only talk about it at a personal level. When every house in Australia saves 30% energy; how much energy will be saved by the whole country? We can contribute to the world by saving energy as a nation so.

Thermal Insulation

This insulation type came to the world in the 19th century. Thermal insulation works by acting as a barrier to heat flow. Why is it important to maintain the right temperature in your home? Can you live in a freezer? No, right? I mean, when the temperature is either too cold or too hot; we can’t live a comfortable life. Insulation Adelaide acts as a barrier to heat flow (air pockets in the material trap the heat.) Maintaining the right temperature in your home is important for optimal comfort levels.

Insulation Thickness

As mentioned, many Insulation Adelaide types are there such as batts, blown-in, foam, and reflective. When talking about batt insulation, we should talk about Insulation Thickness as well. Over the past few decades, authorities have increased the recommended Insulation Thickness (they have increased the value by a big margin.) So, most houses are under-insulated these days. If you live in an old house that was built in the 80s and 90, it is safe to say that your house is under-insulated as the recommended Insulation Thickness was less in those days than today. If you are not sure about it; hire a home inspector and confirm it. Under insulation is a common reason for frequent temperature fluctuations.


What do you know about the R-value? R-value is the factor that determines the thermal resistance or the resistance to heat flow through Insulation Adelaide. Higher the R-value, more the thermal resistance. What is the right R-value for your insulation? Well, it depends on the area you live in Australia. In colder parts of the world like Canada, Insulating materials with the highest R-values should be installed for extra protection from extreme cold. Well, in countries like Canada, manufacturers produce special insulating materials to be used for extreme conditions. The temperature in Canada can drop to -50 during winter. So, Insulation Adelaide won’t help you under such extreme conditions.

Soundproof Batts

These insulation materials act as a barrier to thermal resistance. Anyway, manufacturers have introduced it for a different purpose. Other than providing thermal resistance, Soundproof Batts provide soundproofing too. Acoustic batts is another name given for Soundproof Batts in Australia. When it comes to acoustic batts, the density is the main factor to consider (in thermal insulation, the R-value.) Higher the density, more the soundproofing ability. Same as thermal insulation, many Soundproof Batts types are there on the market today made with different materials. OK, let’s get to know about the materials a bit better now.

Insulation Adelaide

* Glasswool: Many Soundproof Batts types are made with Glasswool today. These batts can lower noise by up to 50%-85%.

* Polyester Soundproof Batts: This alternative material to glasswool is considered the safest acoustic batt type available today. You can install them even without gloves and a mask. Anyway, if you have breathing issues; wearing a mask is advisable.

Where should you install Insulation Adelaide and Soundproof Batts?

Experts in the insulation industry have identified a few areas in your home to seal with a quality insulating material. The ceiling, walls, attic, crawl space, and the floor — these are the most vulnerable areas in your home in terms of heat loss. So, installing Insulation Adelaide or Soundproof Batts in these areas is highly advisable to keep the heat inside your home.

1) The ceiling: The most vulnerable area in your home in terms of heat loss. According to the experts, about 30% of the heat can leak through the ceiling. So, installing Insulation Adelaide or Soundproof Batts on the ceiling will save you money on energy bills. Can you afford to lose 30% of the heat in your home? No, right?

2) Walls: Well, walls are everywhere in a house, and about 20% of the heat can leak through them. Installing insulation within the wall structure is a tough job, so only the professionals can do it for you. Blown in insulation types is a better option for cavity wall insulation.

3) The attic/crawl space: Well, if there’s a converted room in the attic; insulating it properly is essential to living in there. The attic can get too hot or freeze in the summer and winter. A quick tip: installing reflective insulation is a thing to consider to keeping away unwanted heat gains in the summer. Batt insulation works well in colder weather, but reflective insulation works well in hot weather.

4) The floor: Up to 20% of heat can leak through the floor. So, installing Insulation Adelaide is advisable here.

Old insulation

If your house is from the 60s and 70s, it is safe to assume that the insulation installed in your home is contaminated with asbestos. Asbestos can kill you gradually in many ways. Well, we can write a new article about the side effects of asbestos. So, never attempt to inspect or remove old insulation yourself. Also, if you haven’t replaced old insulation for years; now it is the time to install new insulation as the recommended Insulation Thickness in those days was lower than today.

Some final words

Installing thermal Insulation and acoustic batts come with many benefits such as low energy bills and optimal comfort levels. Choose the right insulation type according to the climate of the area you live. R-value is a thing to consider when choosing thermal insulation. Density is a thing to consider when choosing Soundproof Batts. Let’s meet again soon with another useful article!

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