Have you ever been wondering about ways to help your plants to thrive?

pH Meter

The Ultimate Guide To pH Meter And Soil Testing

Have you ever been wondering about ways to help your plants to thrive? The soil is the key factor here. Have you been trying for that perfect garden crop, but it never happened? Try resting the pH of your soil then. First-time gardeners take it too easy, but the experiences gardeners know it is not. Let me ask you a question! Do you have a pH Meter with you now? If you are the first-time gardener, then you don’t have it (I am sure about it.) Well, let’s get to know about the pH Meter a bit better later. I will start with the soil.

What is soil? We see it everywhere, but we don’t pay much attention to it. The soil is one of the largest groups of natural resources we use every day (water and air are the other two.) The loose material on the earth’s surface is the soil. Inorganic, organic, and microorganisms are the three main components of the soil.  Well, I am not going to explain each component in details here. The percentages of these components have effects on soil pH, and you can measure it with a pH Meter.

OK, now let’s get to know about pH a bit better. We hear about it every day from sanitary products to the food we eat. It is a measurement of how basic or acidic something is. So, the soil pH is a measurement of how acidic or basic your garden soil is. Anyway, we can’t state that value just by touching. The device that you can use for measuring soil pH is the pH Meter. Many external factors such as weather and plants can affect soil pH. If you have a big garden, then pH levels can vary from place to place too.

OK, let’s talk about the factors that affect soil pH in details.

* Climate and weather: In countries where you get four seasons in a year, soil pH changes depends on the season. For example, sunlight. Summer is the sunniest season, and pH level during summer will never be the same to what it is in the winter. Anyway, most gardeners prefer planting vegetables and fruits in the spring. Yes, spring the best season to initiate your garden crop. So, by the end of the summer or beginning of the fall, you can start harvesting. Start your gardening process with a soil test. Extreme winter cold and snow can reduce the available nutrient levels of the soil to a greater extent.

pH Meter

Soil pH resembles available nutrient levels. Can I use litmus papers to test soil pH? Is that what you are thinking right now? The accuracy of litmus paper pH testing is questionable. Did you know that there’s an ideal pH level for every plant growth? Measuring that pH range accurately is critical for optimal plant growth. Anyway, with the litmus paper pH test, you can get it wrong. The pH Meter, on the other hand, is a digital device; and it displays accurate pH measurements on the LCD screen.

Some final words: Start your garden crop with a soil test. A pH Meter is the most accurate device to measure soil pH. You can buy a quality pH Meter for $20.

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