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Cheap Movers Melbourne: How To Pack Books Lika a Pro

Cheap Movers Melbourne  How To Pack Books Lika a Pro

Well, movers don’t usually talk about packing books for a move. But some people have libraries in their homes. Well, people have too many things in their minds when getting ready for a house move. So, they don’t give much priority to their books. On the other hand, people consider it as a straightforward thing. I mean, books are not fragile items, so you can just pack them in boxes. That’s what people think. Today, Cheap Movers Melbourne are here to give you some advice on doing it right. Of course, your books can get damaged if you fail to do it safely.

1) Books are super heavy

Well, the weight of books can range from few grams to kilos. One book is not that heavy, and I know it. Anyway, get 5-6 books and see. Now, you will realize the difference. OK, the problem is this: because books are flat items, you can pack for up to 5-100 books in a box. Cheap Movers Melbourne tip: Don’t pack too many books in one box as lifting and carrying it can give you a hard time. Also, it will be more than the safe weight limit then. Lifting heavy books can give you an aching back at the end of the process.

2) Group your books

 Professional movers often talk about the benefits of decluttering. You can do the same for your books too. With time, books can get damaged and lose its original value. Now, it’s the time to make a decision. Are you going to take all, or just the ones worth taking? Cheap Movers Melbourne tip: Donate the ones that you don’t read anymore. Gifting them to your friends is another option. Recycling is the last option. Also, don’t forget to group the books when you are packing them in boxes. Don’t make it a huge mess by mixing up everything.Cheap Movers Melbourne

3) Packing supplies

 Even though books are not fragile items, you will need proper packing supplies to pack them safely. You will need strong boxes to pack them (because books are heavy.) On the other hand, you can’t use dirty, damped, and contaminated boxes for the purpose. Well, some moving blogs recommend wine boxes for books. Anyway, wooden wine boxes are heavy, so what would happen when you pack heavy books in them? Cheap Movers Melbourne tip: Yes, you can use wooden wine boxes for the purpose, but get help with carrying and lifting them. If not, you can buy quality packing boxes from a local hardware shop, house improvement store, or from the mover you have hired.

4) Proper packing technique

 Boxes, packing paper, newspaper, tape, and a marker pen – that’s all you need here. Wrap your valuable books individually with packing paper. You can use newspapers, but make sure they are not wet (the ink will ruin your books.) You can pack the books either upright, flat, or spines down. I prefer to pack them flat to minimize damages.

Some final words

Packing and moving books will not give you much of a hard time other than the weight. They are not fragile, not oddly-shaped, and not delicate. If you have a library of books in your home, Consider hiring Cheap Movers Melbourne for convenience.

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