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Wedding Videography Melbourne: What Not To Do At a Wedding

Wedding Videography Melbourne

A wedding is a traditional function where a couple promises each other to live for each other forever. It’s not just a party to get drunk and have fun on the dance floor. Below is a list of things that Wedding Videography Melbourne recommend you not to do at a wedding.

1) Asking couples about the expenses: Why do you want to know how much they spend on the function? It’s none of your business. Well, you can ask it later if you are planning your wedding in the future, but the wedding day is not the right time to ask it. They are too busy on their big day to answer your questions. Wedding Videography Melbourne tip: Don’t complain about the decorations or anything regarding the function. The couple invited you to be a part of their big day and wish them luck for the future. Don’t be rude so.

2) Bringing uninvited guests: It could be the silliest thing you can do. When planning the wedding, the couple prepares the guest list well in advance. Read your invitation carefully. It could be for you and wife only. If it’s for your whole family, then you can take kids with you too. If you are a single person and the invitation has only your name on it, then don’t take one of your friends with you because you don’t have anybody to stay with you.

Wedding Videography Melbourne

3) Wearing white: The bride is the queen of the wedding, and she is the only person allowed to wear white. Don’t be rude by wearing white unless you are instructed. You know even the bridesmaids don’t wear white for the wedding for a good reason. The wedding invitations may have clues on the theme. Select a dress color according to the wedding theme so.

4) Trying to be the photographer: The couple has hired a professional photographer and a videographer because they know amateurs can’t do it properly. While you are confident of your iPhone photography skills, the couple and the professionals may find it annoying. Videographers from Wedding Videography Melbourne coordinate well with the photographers to give the best to the couples. What they do is more than enough, so you don’t have to be in their way trying to be a “free professional photographer.” Also, the professionals have only a few seconds to capture must moments such as the kiss and vows. Don’t take away that few seconds from them and give everyone a hard time.

5) Getting over excited: You can enjoy the day, but don’t over do it. I mean, some guests get too drunk and become the clown of the function. Know your limits when taking shots. Behave like a gentleman. You can have fun on the dance floor, but do it like a gentleman. Wedding Videography Melbourne tip: Go on Youtube and watch wedding failure videos. There you can see how some guests make a big mess.

Summation: No couple will like when someone is there to ruin their big day. Some people go to weddings to get drunk and become a clown. Consider the function as a classy one. If the couple has mentioned a theme, stick to it. Wedding Videography Melbourne will meet again soon with another useful article.

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