SEO Melbourne: Can you really DIY SEO?

SEO Melbourne

SEO Melbourne: Can you really DIY SEO?

OK, the answer to the question you will find after reading the article. Anyway, I am leaving the decision to you. Well, we can DIY many things. So, can you DIY SEO? It’s not easy. It’s a challenge for every business owner. SEO is all about helping the search engines to find your website and rank it on the first search page(s.) Of course, you can give it a try yourself, but hiring a top-class SEO Melbourne partner would give guaranteed results.

OK, let’s imagine you don’t know anything about SEO. What is SEO? Since I can’t explain it within this 500-words article, I will give you a link to follow I hope you have a clear picture now. It’s mostly where your website ranks on Google (because almost 80% of the Internet done via Google.)

SEO Melbourne explains the science of SEO: Well, SEO is not rocket science, but it’s not a piece of cake either. The biggest challenges come due to changes in SEO each year. The trend in 2014 is outdated now. As I said earlier, Google has become the controller of SEO. Can you remember what Google did in 2015? Since 2015, Google began to give preference to mobile-friendly websites when ranking. As a result, every business owner coming to SEO Melbourne companies ask to develop a mobile-friendly website for their businesses.

Factors that determine your web rankings: Well, some website owners played tricks with the search engines. I mean, their websites were ranked on top spots, but those websites didn’t have good contents for the visitors. Google understood these tricks and made the process even harder (for the goodness of the visitors.) Read below tips by SEO Melbourne on what’s the search engines looking for.

SEO Melbourne

* For how long you have been in the business (on search engines.): The search engines (especially, Google) favors websites with a long history (bad news for the newcomers.)

* Keywords: It could be the most important and perhaps the most difficult thing to get right. What keywords and key phrases people use to search products and services are the secrets you should know. The right Keywords selecting SEO tools are there on the Internet to give a try. This is where people get it wrong, most of the time. People tend to use keywords in large numbers, and as a result; the search engines downgrade the websites as a spam.

Now comes the theory of “Keyword Density,” It’s the percentage of the keywords you have in the contents. People give various limitations for the keyword density, but modern SEO experts say, “there’s no such thing call optimal keyword density.”

You can choose the right keywords for your business or let the SEO Melbourne experts analyze the market and give you suggestions on the right keywords. It’s always better leaving it to the professionals.

Security: Due to the increase in viruses and malware attacks, the search engines consider security as a major concern. Make sure you update your server and website to meet new security standards.

Summary: DIY SEO is still possible, but it’s not easy as you can see now. Should you hire SEO Melbourne? Well, at the beginning of the article I said, “I am leaving the decision to you.” Know your limits before giving it a try. You are playing with the future of your business, it’s not a game.

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