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How To Use A Light Meter Correctly For Photography?

Light Meter is a device that determines the light amount in a scene; hence you can adjust your camera settings accordingly. Anyway, using this meter in the right way is crucial to make the most of it. For example, you should understand this device in detail first to use it effectively when you take photographs. Do you use this meter when you take snaps? Well, every photographer looks for ways to capture perfectly-exposed photos for their clients. Anyway, the Light Meter in your camera or the handheld device may be impractical in some occasions. Well, you can activate the inbuilt meter in your camera by setting it to the auto mode. But, the meter in your modern DSLR camera also comes with a few downsides.

Using the Light Meter in the right way means understanding the function of it. First of all, you should understand these meter types. Reflective meters, incident meters, and combination meters are the types available in the market today. All these Light Meter types come with unique advantages, but with a few disadvantages too. Anyway, a photographer should choose the right meter according to the situation. For example, you don’t have time to use a handheld meter when capturing instant shots. Or, relying only on the inbuilt meter isn’t advisable when taking detailed snaps. Which means you should understand the scene or the subject to capture first.

Reflective light meters pick the light that gets reflected off a scene or subject. But, the amount of light that falls on the subject and that gets reflected off isn’t the same, and this is the downside of the reflective Light Meter. As a photographer, you will have to capture various scenes or subjects. Some scenes and subjects may come with glittering surfaces, and some may come with surfaces that absorb more light. The top factor to consider here is that the inbuilt meter can get the values wrong depending in the light that gets reflected off the subject, which could be less or more than the exact amount.

Light Meter Melbourne

The incident Light Meter, on the other hand; is a more reliable product. In other words, it measures the exact light amount in the scene rather than measuring what gets reflected off the subject. Anyway, these meters come as separate units, which is a downside. Also, using this meter type is an additional step that may be impractical sometimes. Anyway, you should have it in your rucksack when you go to any function for photography. Wedding photographers usually don’t have time to use a handheld meter as they don’t have much time to take snaps. Remember, perfectly-exposed photos are what your clients expect from you; hence you should have the necessary resources for it.

When you use a handheld Light Meter, you will have to go closer to the subject for better and accurate readings, which also could be a downside when taking distant photos. But, modern light meters come with dual measuring capabilities now. In other words, these meters can measure incident and reflective light. Anyway, handheld meters are pretty accurate when compared to the one in your DSLR camera. As always, you should buy your meter from a reputable supplier, and this is where we come in handy for you. All our products will serve you for a long time, and our after-sell service gives you peace of mind about repairs and replacements.

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