Which Grommet Type Should You Use For Your Application?

“Grommet” is a less-known word for many of us. In simple words, it is a ring made of several materials such as wood, rubber, plastic, and metals. In many industries such as textile and electrical; the Grommet plays an important role. Go to your bathroom and take a look at the metal rings on the shower curtain! Are they just decorative pieces? Well, in the textile industry; these rings are used as decorative pieces. In this article, we guide you to choose the right Grommet type that suits your application the most.

Let’s get to know about this simple, yet useful piece a bit better now. We can explain it to you with the same example, the shower curtain. What would happen to the shower curtain when you move it along the metal bar on which it is fixed? Well, after a few days, the holes on the curtain will start to get deteriorated. The Grommet, metal rings, in this case, protect the curtain from wear and tear by acting as a strengthening barrier. Small plastic rings on shoes are usually called eyelets. Eyelets act as a reinforcement barrier that protects shoelace and holes from wear and tear. In other words, providing a smooth surface when two items are rubbing on each other is the purpose of the Grommet. As mentioned, rubber, wood, and plastic are the commonly-used materials for this versatile and useful piece.


Grommet and the history

The original purpose of this versatile piece was reinforcing holes in fabrics. Well, fabric holes don’t have sharp edges, but when you move something through these holes several times; damages can occur in both the materials. In summary, without this versatile piece; both the materials will wear sooner.

Material choices for specific applications

Plastic is the often-used material for fabric-related applications. In the fashion industry; metal eyelets have become an option for decorative purposes. When made of different color plastics, the Grommet can add so much personality to clothing. You might have come across wooden ones too. Yes, for applications such as curtains and banners; wooden ones can be used.

Rubber is the best material choice for many applications

A Grommet made of rubber is the best option for industrial, commercial, electrical, manufacturing, and construction applications. When compared to other materials, rubber is a versatile material that you can use for several applications due to its unique properties such as flexibility. The rubber Grommet is the best choice for covering sharp metal edges. Electrical engineers make use of this versatile piece when wiring. This type is used in the automotive industry for protecting wires, pipelines, and cables from sharp and rough surfaces. OK, let’s get to know about the advantages of the rubber Grommet in detail here!

* Weather-resistant

Metals can get corroded when exposed to moisture. Metal eyelets used for outside applications such as banners get corroded after some time. Anyway, some manufacturers now produce metal eyelets that don’t get corroded even in high-moisture environments. These eyelets have become the top choice for outside applications such as banners, flags, boats, tarps, and awnings. Rubber might not be the best choice for such applications as rubber won’t fit well on thin surfaces such as edges of a flag hole.

* Rubber Grommet and heat-resistant

Rubber does well under high-temperature applications than plastic and wood. Wooden products can get damaged and cracks will form when used for outside applications where sunlight and moisture are present. Plastics also cannot resist high-temperature, so not the best option for applications such as where long-term exposure to sunlight is unavoidable. Rubber, on the other hand; have high heat-resistant. Well, you cannot use a rubber Grommet for extreme high-temperature as rubber can get melted here.


* Tear-resistant

We should compare rubber and plastic here. Rubber can handle high shearing forces when compared to plastic. Also, a rubber Grommet can regain its original shape, but a plastic one cannot. So, when a plastic eyelet is subjected to high stresses; its shape and size can change permanently.

Metal eyelets also cannot regain the original shape like the ones made of rubber.

* Chemical-resistant

Metals can react with chemicals and acids such as sulfuric, Saltpeter acid, phosphoric, and hydrochloric. Plastic and rubber materials show high chemical-resistant when compared to metals. Well, glass is the least reactive material with chemicals and acids, but you cannot find a Grommet made of glass today. Corrosion-resistant is a must-have property for commercial, industrial, construction, and automotive applications.

* Easy installation

When compared to all other Grommet types, rubber ones are the easiest to install and remove. As you know; rubber can change its shape and size when installing but will regain the original shapes after installation. Also, you can install rubber grommets easily due to one-side access.

* Cheap

Well, in general; this useful piece is cheap. You can buy them in different sizes and colors for just a few cents. Distributors sell them as single pieces or as a set. Anyway, saying an exact price for a Grommet is impractical as several factors such as the size, material, properties, and special features are there to consider.

As mentioned, electrical engineers and technicians are making use of this versatile piece when passing wires over hard and sharp surfaces/edges. A special Grommet type that comes as a strip is a better option for wiring. Edging strips is another name given to strip Grommet.

How to choose the right Grommet type?

Well, all factors we have explained so far should be considered when choosing the right product type for your application. For example, if you look for a Grommet for an outside application; rubber is the best material choice. Anyway, expensive metal ones are now available on the market for outside and robust applications. When considering advantages and unique properties; ones that are made of rubber could be the best option for your application.


Some final words

From bathroom curtains to boats; eyelets/grommets are being used today. Acting as a reinforcement that protects two rubbing surfaces is the whole purpose of this versatile and useful piece. Go through our product range and check whether we have the right type for you. Well, our wide range of products has the right product type for your specific application. Contact us today for more information so.

You can follow this link for more useful content about grommets, eyelets, and strips ( Well, don’t get confused over the terms we have used. They refer to the same product.

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