Does Modern Insulation Cause Health Issues?

Insulation or thermal barriers are elements of your home that keep you protected from summer heat and winter cold. As a country that comes across four seasons every year and winter/summer are the challenging seasons in terms of high/low temperatures; a long-term and reliable solution was necessary for all. Well, this specification is a well-known factor in the whole world. All the countries on that go through seasonal changes every year need Insulation to maintain correct temperature levels.

Anyway, an incident that took place in the 19th century lead to a memorable disaster, and a few individuals yet suffer from the downsides of this incident. Well, it is none other than asbestos exposure. Unfortunately, we were already too late when we realized the health issues that asbestos causes. And, by the time we discovered those health issues; thousands of people were affected by it. Unfortunately, Insulation suppliers in the 19th century included this dangerous element in their products as they didn’t know about the health issues that it can cause. Homeowners who installed these contaminated elements themselves and professional installers in the industry got exposed to asbestos to a greater extent, as a result. If you live a house that is from the 40s, 50s, or 60s; you may be under the risk of getting exposed to asbestos as the old installed thermal barrier may contain traces of asbestos in it. How can you confirm? Would you go to the attic and inspect it yourself? Yes, you could do it with modern Insulation; as new thermal barriers don’t contain any asbestos and other dangerous ingredients. But, never inspect the thermal barrier yourself if it is from the 30s, 40s, 50s, or even 60s.


So, let’s come to the question now — do modern Insulation cause health issues? Depending on the quality and reliability of the manufacturer; most new thermal barriers won’t cause any health issues. And, it is safe to say that all modern thermal barriers are 100% free from the toxic contaminant, asbestos. Anyway, depending on the product type; minor health issues are possible. For example, particles from fiberglass Insulation can still cause breathing difficulties, skin irritations, and allergy reactions on some installers. Well, it is not a fault of thermal barriers. Small particles from any material in this world can get into your lungs via breathing and cause minor health issues. Also, how much damage this particle exposure can lead to depend on the individual installer as well. For example, if someone in your home is Asthmatic; he/she will go through a hard time for sure.

Don’t worry! Modern Insulation manufacturers have addressed all these factors for you today. For example, product variations such as reflective insulation and rigid panels can replace batt and blown-in insulation for those who fear small particles getting into the breathing system. Cellulose Insulation is the safest product option available in the market today for all homeowners who give priority to safety. You can install cellulose thermal barriers without even wearing gloves. Still, wearing safety clothing when dealing with any thermal barrier is highly advisable for assuring your safety.


OK, let’s summarize the article now! Modern Insulation products are 100% free from dangerous contaminants such as asbestos and chemicals. Still, a few minor health issues can occur if you handle them incorrectly. Hire a reliable Insulation supplier in your city to have peace of mind about the safety of all thermal barriers for your home.

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