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A Complete Guide To The Foil Board Insulation

Foil Board Insulation is a rigid panel of insulating material that can replace ordinary insulation types. The demand for insulation over the past few years has increased in Melbourne. And, as a result; modern insulation manufacturers have introduced the Foil Board Insulation as a replacement that comes with additional qualities and benefits. This special insulation material type has specially designed for the ceiling. Anyway, you can install it almost everywhere in your home or the building. Modern Foil Board Insulation manufacturers focus more on the ceiling as about 30% of heat can leak through it (the highest percentage in terms of heat loss.)

Foil Board

So, installing a proper insulating material on the ceiling comes with a great many benefits to your home or the business premises. Why people in Melbourne give priority to insulation today? Acting as a thermal barrier to heat flow is the purpose of every insulating material. Not like batt and reflective insulation, Foil Board Insulation keeps you cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. Well, batt insulation also provides some sort of protection from the warm weather, but the Foil Board Insulation is a better option.

Why should you insulate your home?

OK, let’s talk about this topic in detail here. We, humans; can’t live a comfortable life in our homes when it is too hot or cold. We turn on the heaters and air conditioners to maintaining a comfortable temperature. What if we can reduce the use of these artificial sources? Heaters and air conditioners consume electricity in large amounts than other appliances in your home. And that is why you should install Foil Board Insulation in your home that will keep a comfortable temperature to live peacefully. Other than the initial installing cost, nothing to pay extra. Not like batt insulation types, rigid panels don’t get damaged by external factors such as moisture and mold. So, you can save your time and money in the long run with the Foil Board.

How does insulation work?

Many insulating options are available that come in many sizes, formats, and materials. Insulation acts as a barrier to heat flow. Batt insulation acts as a barrier to heat flow by trapping the air within thousands of air pockets within the material. Reflective insulation bounces off heat rays from the sun, so your house will remain cool in the summer. The Foil Board Insulation does both the jobs when installed on your home or the building. The reflective foils on both the sides of the material reflect heat rays back from where they come. The panel itself acts as a barrier to heat flow like batt and foam insulation types. Keeping the Foil Board dust free is essential to reflecting off the heat rays.

The demand for insulation in Australia

The winter in Australia is not harsh like in Canada and Russia. Anyway, some parts of the country can get cold in the winter. Australia is known for its hot summer. So, there’s no doubt about it. The demand for insulation in Australia including Melbourne has always been on the top. The Australian government has always worked hard on explaining citizens the importance of insulation. As a nation that thinks about world’s survival, every house owner should install insulation in their houses and other premises. Houses with no Foil Board Insulation or other insulation types installed are energy wasters.

The R-value

This value refers to the ability of the insulating material to resist heat flow through it. The R-value is more important in cases of bulk insulation types such as batts and foam. Higher the R-value, higher the resistant to heat flow. Anyway, reflective insulation doesn’t have an R-value to talk in detail. The Foil Board Insulation offers the same protection (perhaps more) as all other bulky insulation types.

Why should you install Foil Board in your home or the building? Below is a list of advantages explained:

* Easy-to-install

Since it comes as a rigid panel, installing it is a piece of cake when compared to other bulky and messy insulating material types. Even though it is a rigid panel, the Foil Board is a light-weight material that can be handled easily. Quicker installation means time save for the installers. So, it is the best option for professionals who work in the busy insulation industry. Well, not only installation, removal of Foil Board Insulation is much easier than bulky insulating materials types that can go everywhere (including your lungs.)

Foil Board

* No mold or pest/wildlife infestation

These are common issues we talk about insulation in Australia. Foam and batt insulating materials can easily get affected by moisture, mold, and pest attacks. The Foil Board, on the other hand; is a rigid panel of hard material, so insects and wildlife can’t ruin it.

* Low risk of fire hazard

Attic fire is a story we hear less often in Australia. Bulk insulation types such as batts and foam can easily catch fire when compared to Foil Board Insulation. Anyway, modern bulk insulation types can resist high-temperature to a greater extent. The Foil Board Insulation that is a rigid panel will give you peace of mind about fires.

FAQs answered

We know that you have questions on this new insulating material type. Don’t worry! You will find all the answers in this section:

* Where can I use this new material

You can install it anywhere from walls to the ceiling. Since it is a rigid panel, the installer can easily install it either vertically or horizontally. Anyway, it should be installed within the wall structure during the construction stage (not like blown-in or foam types.)

* Can it cause any negative health effects

Foil Board is a very safe insulating material when compared to other insulation types available today. Fiberglass insulation can cause minor health issues such as breathing difficulties and skin irritations. But the Foil Board Insulation is a rigid panel, so nothing is there to go into lungs. Anyway, wearing gloves is advisable for extra safety.

Some final words

Insulating your home with a proper insulating material can save you money on energy bills, also; lets you live a comfortable life in your home. Foil Board Insulation is a modern alternative to traditional batt and other bulk insulation types. When compared to traditional insulation types, rigid panel insulation is much safer and efficient. Also, installing rigid panel insulation is straightforward.

No matter what type of insulation you plan to install in your home; talk to a professional in the industry for expert advice and recommendations. Experts can help you to choose the right insulation material that will serve you for decades, saving thousands of dollars in the long run.

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