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Now you would ask what is IOT and why is it so important to IT solutions companies?

IT Solutions

How to build an IOT based IT Solutions Company

Ok so IOT is the latest IT catch phrase and it should be because the world is fast becoming a playground for the Internet of Things or IOT. Now you would ask what is IOT and why is it so important to IT solutions companies? Let’s get physical first, your car has a little onboard chip in it which via satellite sends a message the dealer that the rear brake shoes in your car have done 50,000 km and need replacement.

On a parallel the same on board chip send you a message that the wiper wash fluid level is low and you need to fill the tank up before you set out in the morning as rain is predicted at 11am. Your car service center too sends you an automatic message that the rear brake pads have worn so drive carefully as rain is predicted this morning. It also sends you a message replace your break shoes at the earliest. It is  the interconnectedness of  the car to the dealer and you in real time via the internet that is referred to as the Internet of things and making it all happen is a bunch of new age IT solution companies.

As time passes the only constant in the technology sector is change. It is for the IT solutions company to embrace the Internet of Things leveraging new technologies and creating innovative solutions that solve business problems for your customers and their clients. For if you don’t continue to evolve then as an IT solutions company you face the risk of offering obsolete products and services to your customers very soon.

IT Solutions

IT solutions companies it’s time for you to stand up and take notice of the growing influence of The Internet of Things around you. The market for IOT applications in business and industry is predicted to grow to $ 886 billion by 2020. Now that is opportunity enough for you to provide IT solutions that look to meet the demands of increasing connectivity between your customers their products and their clients.

It is time then for IT solutions companies offering products and services in all sectors to embrace a solutions-based approach and create conversations and solve real problems for the clients’ executives on the factory floor the field and the shop floor. To do this you the IT solutions  company will have to  have  relevant conversations with your clients so as to better identify their pain points and provide solutions that are both efficient all-encompassing and cost effective.

The connectivity brought about by the Internet of Things IOT and internet-connected automation also means the generation of big data or large amounts of data from diverse locations and applications, therein lies another big opportunity for the IT solutions company. There is a challenge for technology and solutions companies to find ways and means for the quick aggregation of the data, its proper systematic indexing and processing so as to provide clients with a monitoring system that will predict trends new directions as well as help solve problems on the floor in real time.  The Internet of Things thus forms the single largest challenge for the IT solutions companies in the coming years.

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