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Affordable SEO Solutions To Get Organic Web Traffic

SEO or search engine optimization is undoubtedly useful for generating sales and new leads. Anyway, SEO is not cheap. If an SEO company comes with a “cheap label,” then don’t hire them. Yes, SEO companies are there who guarantee an excellent service for $50 a month. They are just cheap jokers. Affordable SEO Solutions is not cheap. Genuine SEO companies are there who offers SEO Solutions for their clients at affordable rates. Investing money in cheap SEO is suicide.

SEO Solutions

I know; hiring an expensive SEO company is not practical for small business owners. Some SEO companies are there who charge over $10k per month. Of course, these companies can do a lot for your business. And that is why world leading brands invest money in expensive SEO companies. Can small business owners compete with it? The answer is yes and no. If a large-scale business can afford to spend $20k per month on SEO; competing with that business is “almost” impossible. Anyway, affordable SEO Solutions can get to you somewhere closer.

What are available SEO Solutions for small business owners? Yes, many solutions are there, and I am highlighting them below:

1) Long-Form/High-quality Content

Content is the king, and it is valid for today as well. Everybody talks about keywords and original content, but I would like to talk about an area that most writers don’t cover. The number of words – yes, we must consider it as a must. All blog posts and pages should exceed the 500-words mark. The higher the number of keywords, the higher the results. Well, don’t get me wrong. We should not ignore keyword density as well.

SEO Solutions

What should you do then? Hire a quality content writer. If you hire a full-service SEO company, they provide all the SEO Solutions including content writing. You can hire a freelance copywriter, but do your research on him/her first.

2) On-page SEO

Most business owners don’t focus on on-page SEO, but they should be. Of course, outside signals play an important role in generating organic traffic, but that is not an excuse to ignore on-page SEO. It is not rocket science. Below I am highlighting some tips on it:

* User-Friendly URLs: Short and easy-to-read URLs that include your primary keyword.

* Title: Don’t exceed the 70-word limit. It should highlight what your page is about. Including the keyword is highly advisable.

* Keyword frequency: In simple words, it is the number of times a focused word written on a piece of content.

SEO Solutions

These are affordable SEO Solutions to get organic web traffic. OK, let me explain to you another solution to get more web traffic. A mobile-friendly web design that pleases the eyes of visitors and Google. The latest statistics prove that the number of people who visit Google via a mobile device has increased. That number has exceeded the number of people who go to Google via PCs and laptops. Which means you should develop your website to easily get accessed via mobile devices. It is one of the well-known Affordable SEO Solutions to consider for more web traffic.

You can’t be in the competition without SEO. Don’t look for cheap SEO Solutions. Affordable solutions are available for you.

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